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The Harrisburg Automotive Trade Association (HATA) was formed to promote the advancement and welfare of its members, the franchised new automobile and truck dealers whose place of business is within approximately fifteen (15) miles of the limits of the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  
HATA meetings provide opportunities ​for members ​to exchange views and to take concerted action when needed, looking to the betterment of conditions for the franchised new automobile and truck dealer industry and generally in trade and business, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
In addition to meeting opportunities, HATA hosts the PA Auto Show .  The event includes over 250 vehicles on display from 32 manufacturers, including cars, trucks and crossovers, a Certified Pre-owned Showcase where customers can purchase used vehicles, a Vehicle Give-a-Way, and family fun.
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Board of Directors
New HATA Members

Jack Oyler, President

Don Perry, VP & AS Chairman
Ray Bromley, Treasurer
Ryan Hoffman, Secretary
Ed Catalone
Jim Galloway
Jeff Millar

ProGuard Warranty Company

Bobby Rahal Lexus

Baker Tilley

HATA hosts local meetings and industry speakers. 

​for an upcoming meeting
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